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World Changers Trip Journal 2023: Day 4 - The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (Well Today)

We finally had a day to work in the sunshine.

The rain really set us back with some of the projects, but we finally had a clear day.

Projects continued. Parker and Savannah’s crew made great progress on their deck/ramp. Pretty much the only thing they had left was to put the hand rail on.

Mr. Chris and Abby went back to their original site to finish painting the trim. Once complete they were moved to another site to paint some lawn decorations and pull weeds.

Mrs. June and Ashlyn spent time picking up debris from the roofing project and had to go rebuild the stairs from the day before. And Mrs. June led the installation of a toilet!

PK and Camden had a glorious day at the Marina…

We power washed some of the docks and met some interesting guys who worked at the Marina. We had a chance to talk to one guy who had a lot of frustrations with  the church.

In the evening, we had a special Concert of Prayer. It was a wonderful time of thoughtful intentional worship challenging us to handle our business with God, pray through Scriptures, and be more Gospel aware. It was a wonderful experience for our group!

Well, tomorrow is the final day.

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