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MFuge Trip Journal 2023: Day 3 (June 7) - Getting Real

Overall, it was a very good day, but it came with the realization of what we are really doing for many of our students. Door-to-door prayer walks. Cleaning appliances and messing up our clothes. Worshiping and feeling God's presence!

Today carried a heavy feeling. Not in a bad way, but in a "getting real" way. Many of our students saw things and experienced things that rattled, encouraged, and enlightened them.

One example, is from Parker. He told us the story of how a former military officer was in the nursing home he has been serving in. Parker's realization that this man who led thousands of soldiers was now confined to a nursing home with limited cognitive ability.

It reminds us of how our worldly accomplishments are temporal.

We had an amazing night of worship. We talked about Genesis chapter 3 and what we typically refer to as The Fall. This event altered the world forever, and it initiated Jesus' Rescue Mission. We were reminded that GOD WANTS HIS CHILDREN BACK!

Our church group time where we came together after worship led us into an amazing conversation about the difference in worship here and back home. But it culminated in how we can worship with this kind of energy, passion, and devotion back home regardless!

We reminded the students that the Bible says that "young people" can be an example to the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

What a great night!

On another note, we realized we are not very good at volleyball...

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