MBC Student Ministry: Costa Rica 2024 Mission Trip (Follow our Trip Journal by clicking the heart icon)

World Changers Trip Journal 2023: Day 2

First full day on site.

The morning seemed fairly smooth for everyone. The afternoon saw some interesting things from Savannah being a snake handler, Parker being “decked” out, Abby having a painting party (which may have included herself), Camden and Ashlyn both leading devotions for their respective crews (and Ashlyn praying for her project’s homeowner out loud for the very first time!!!), Mr. Chris leaving trash bags at Walmart, Mrs. June being super encouraging and engaging with the project’s homeowner, and me (PK) being “holey” and “soleless” (My jeans ripped at the knee, I had a hole in my shirt, and one of the soles fell off my supposedly new boots…).

The afternoon went well once we returned and in the evening had a great time of worship where we talked about our mission offering “one more child” (onemorechild.org) and Ruth chapter 2. Pastor Andrew reminded us that God works through seemingly everyday events and people to accomplish His purpose.

All I can I say in closing is Bedtime was a welcomed time!

Second Full Day tomorrow!

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