UPDATE: All Wednesday Activities (Dig In, Youth Group, and Adult Bible Study) are canceled for tonight 1/17/24 due to LCPS closures and icy conditions throughout the county.

MBC Archery is back for the summer of 2024!

starts June 4, 2024


PURPOSE: making christ the target of life

MBC Archery utilizes archery to provide an environment where the entire family can participate together while also learning to make Jesus Christ the target of their lives. Participants will learn valuable lessons to life and faith in addition to archery fundamentals. Here at MBC we offer two options within our Archery program: an 8-week course (CenterShot) and special events (3D shooting).

June and July: Tuesday nights 6:00-8:00 PM (Thursdays 6:00-8:00 PM reserved for rain dates)

Our Vision

Providing a community program that encompasses the whole family is difficult in today’s age. Students became involved in curricular affairs while parents and adults become sidetracked by obligations to work. Centershot provides an environment where the entire family can enjoy the activities together.

Through MBCArchery Centershot, age is removed from the equation almost entirely. A father in his forties will stand on the same line with his six year old daughter. The instructional course utilizes the same concept, same bow, and same arrows no matter who is up next. This allows for the whole family to become engaged in the sport and learn together. Instead of watching television together, families will get off the old couch and become active through MBCArchery.

Our facility is an outstanding, indoor recreation center.  Through Mineral Baptist Church we are able to provide this outstanding program that currently has the capacity for 12 shooting lanes, allowing for 24 shooters at a time. (Update: most of our sessions have moved outdoors.)

Our hope is that you can share in our vision to provide the community with this unique program.

Meet our team.

Stewart Cameron


Barbie Banning


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