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Archery FAQ



This program permits us to be able to manage and teach the fundamentals of archery efficiently and effectively, utilizing the safest and current industry best of materials.

In addition, this program  will also provide an opportunity to build on life's essential character qualities such as commitment, responsibility, courage, stewardship, and determination, through a non-denomination biblical approach.

The result will help to create better not only better archers but more importantly better citizens, stronger families, and a better community.

Get involved

There are 3 ways to get involved: 
  1. Participate
  2. Serve (as an approved instructor or behind the scenes)
  3. Become a financial sponsor

WHy Do I need a Photo Waiver?

We include a photo waiver on the registration form for all participants because of our desire to have real photos of our ministry for our online presence (social media and website).

CenterShot Schedule

Currently, we have registration listed as Tuesday and Thursday nights. The primary night will be Tuesday night and Thursday night will be reserved as a rain date since most of our class this summer will be held outside on our sports fields.
Arrows in flight, to Heaven's delight! CenterShot is our 8-week course teaching people of all ages archery fundamentals and the Gospel.

You may be asking yourself, how Church and archery can be linked together.  Well let me share with you how that connection can be made and how it is changing lives, not just hear but all over the world.

Centershot ministries is a program where we can share about Christ and developing a personal relationship with Him, using the fundamental building blocks to being an archer.  With just 11 simple steps, we can learn how to be successful archers and Christians.

Originally based on the same platform as NASP (National Archery in Schools Program), Mathews Archery decided that we needed a program that can allow Churches to teach not just archery, but to be able to use that avenue to reach shooters for Christ.

Using Genesis bows, Easton NASP arrows, and Morrell Targets, we teach the fundamentals of archery, at the same level as NASP Level 1.  The best part about Centershot though is that it is not for children only.  With the use of Genesis bows, which can be used by almost any person of any size, we can include whole families in the adventure.  Sons and mothers, or daughters and fathers can stand side by side on the line and shoot together.  Most importantly, they can grow together and in Christ through the great 8 session, 11 steps archery program.  

For more information on their ministry visit https://www.centershot.org.

CenterShot 101 & 201

In CenterShot we offer two tracks: 101 which is a beginner's class and 201 which is a more advanced archery course. This summer both classes will meet on the same day and the same time.

Still have questions? Send us an email.