What We believe

What we believe…

The Bible is the inspired and authoritative revelation of God, centered and fulfilled in Jesus Christ our Lord, and sufficient to guide in all matters of truth and faith.
God, the Father,
revealed through Jesus Christ, is the supreme reality of the universe, worthy of our highest adoration, devotion, reverence, and worship.
Jesus Christ, the Son, is the head of the Church; the One through whom we find meaning and purpose in life. He died for sins that all who believe might live forever in the presence and power of God’s love.
The Holy Spirit brings to completion the worship, prophetic proclamation, continuing education, and sacrificial ministry of God’s people.
The Church,
as the people of God, is the body of Christ and the Fellowship of the Spirit in whom God acts creatively and dynamically. It is God’s people on mission in the world.
The Christian life,
under the Lordship of Christ, is expressed in the continuing repentance and in glad obedience to His commands. He calls us to disciplined living according to His example and teachings; to demonstrate self-giving love without discrimination; to creative involvement in meeting human needs; to joyful response in personal and family devotions; and to faithful stewardship of all life’s resources.