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MFuge Trip Journal 2024: Day 2 (June 4) - Name That Animal

Today is the first full day of Fuge, and our team already has the reputation for being the "most hyped" during worship! This is coming from the Fuge staffers themselves. One of them ate lunch with us, and when we told her what church we were she said, "Oh, your the hyped ones!" (It also turns out that this staffer is the oldest daughter of the pastor who now pastors my old church - Round Hill Baptist!)

Today we hit our sites for the first time. Our team was divided up amongst four different groups doing everything from ministry in parks to serving in a nursing home and beach evangelism (literally walking on the beach talking to people about Jesus, handing out tracts, and praying for people). And Abby got to play a game on stage during Morning Worship.

On site, we experienced some difficulties as our beach evangelism group received some strong resistance from a couple of people, and not just people who were disinterested. They were hostile to the faith. One of our park groups experienced incredible openness and receptivity. Some guys from another church went straight up to two guys playing basketball and engaged them about faith. One of them had a ton of questions but simply doesn't believe. And oh by the way, Mrs. Natalie, actually called BINGO numbers at the nursing home. 🤯🤯 These are just some of the stories from today.

**Note - we do not have many photos/videos of site as Fuge has asked us not to do this due to privacy and safety issues.**

Our theme this year is Revival Generation - talking about how revival is not an emotional high but rather an emptying of oneself before God. In looking at Isaiah 40, Pastor Aaron talked about how 1) the importance and necessity of prayer as the beginning of revival, 2) beholding our God (truly understanding who He is and what He has done for us), and 3) the need for us to humble ourselves before God so He can return us to where He wants us to be.

In the evening, we had a great Church Group Time (debriefing our day and our different experiences), and then spent some time with Silent Disco. This is where everyone puts on headphones with 3 channel options for music but from the outside you cannot hear anything...at least until everyone is doing the cha-cha slide together and the manager of the inn next door comes over to investigate a report from a guest that "there is some kids screaming coming from the pool area."

Check back tomorrow...

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